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Thousand Sons with Chaos Daemons Allied [Milan] vs Chaos Space Marines with Chaos Daemons Allied [Lev]

3000 pts

Army List [Unbound]:


Ferrum Infernus Chaos Dreadnought
– Destroyer of Cities
– Assault Drill/Heavy Flamer
– Flamestorm Cannon

Chaos Terminators
– Mark of Tzeentch
– 3x Combi-melta & 3x Chainfist (3 Terminators)
– Reaper Autocannon & Powerfist (1 Terminator)
– Combi-melta & Chainfist (Terminator Champion)

Heavy Support
Kharybdis Assault Claw

Lord of War:
Chaos Knight Paladin
– Dedication of Tzeentch
– Dirge Caster

Typhon Heavy Siege Tank
– Dreadhammer
– Lascannons
– Multi-Melta
– Havoc Launcher

Aetaos’rau’keres – Daemon Lord or Tzeentch

2016-09-16 18.08.57

Opponent’s Army

2016-09-16 18.09.12

Psychic Powers

2016-09-16 18.28.31


2016-09-16 18.48.48

Kharybdis Assault Claw with the Ferrum Infernus Dreadnought were kept in reserve.

Turn 1

Opponent won the roll off and went first.

2016-09-16 19.02.52

Drop pod with the Chaos Lord and three Obliterators came in via Deep Strike in my deployment zone.

2016-09-16 19.10.45

Next, my opponent decided to sacrifice his Chaos Lord to summon Kairos Fateweaver in it’s place. As it was his Warlord, he basically gifted me a Victory Point for Warlord kill. Kairos came in via Deep Strike, however deviated close to my Daemon Lord of Tzeentch.

2016-09-16 19.12.27

Inconvenient, because due to it’s Dark Jealousy special rule the Daemon Lord of Tzeentch now had to direct all of it’s attacks at Kairos because he was within 18 inches of him. Plan was to drop the Apocalyptic Barrage Template on the Brass Scorpion that was fast approaching my models.

2016-09-16 20.15.41

Original plan was to Deep Strike the Kharybdis behind enemy lines. Hopefully, in such a way to allow it to unload it’s ten twin linked Strength 6 rocket launchers in the back of the Brass Scorpion as it presented the biggest threat. If that didn’t do enough damage the Ferrum Infernus Dreadnought was to use his S6 Flamer on it as well and perhaps even charge it on the next turn to tie it up. However, Kairos interfered with those plans. I really wanted to fire off the DLoT’s Staff of Cataclysm, so instead I’ve dropped the Kharybdis right behind the big bird and disembarked the Dreadnought.

2016-09-16 20.15.58

This left only the Chaos Knight holding the other side of the field.

2016-09-16 20.16.09

Fateweaver died eventually but not before unloading pretty much two thirds of the army into it, including the Staff of Cataclysm.

2016-09-16 20.18.07

Thus, at the beginning of Turn 2 I had a two point lead.

2016-09-16 20.22.27

Turn 2

2016-09-16 22.01.03

During this turn opponent assaulted a unit composed of Ahriman, Cypher and a bunch of Tzeentch marked Terminators with his Daemon Prince. He issues a challenge which Ahriman had to accept being a Champion of Chaos. Thanks to Biomancy he was able to survive the challenge, after which the rest of the unit finished of the Daemon Prince.

Kharybdis went into Zooming mode and flew diagonally across the board, landing right behind the Brass Scorpion. It then unloaded everything it had into the Scorpion’s rear armour, chipping away on it’s Hull Points. Staff of Cataclysm wielded by the big bird was able to successfully drop the Apocalyptic Barrage on the Brass Scorpion and Sicaran which ended up being blown up.

Turn 3

2016-09-16 22.03.32

2016-09-16 22.03.37

2016-09-16 22.03.58

During this turn, I’ve lost the Chaos Knight to the D BloodThirster, and my terminators to shooting from the opponent’s Decimator Engine and Contemptor Dreadnought Butcher Cannons.

2016-09-16 22.10.27

BloodThirster then consolidated towards the Daemon Lord of Tzeentch, and was finally sent back to the warp after being grilled by the Ferrum Infernus’ Flamer followed by some lucky Lascannon/Multi-Melta shots from the Typhon.

2016-09-16 22.25.37

2016-09-16 22.41.14

At this point the opponent decided to concede the game for the final result of 4:2 at the end of Turn 3.

2016-09-16 22.40.56

Result: Thousand Sons Victory