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Thousand Sons [Milan] vs Imperial Guard [John B]

2900 pts

Army List:


Chaos Contemptor Dreadnought
– Dedication of Tzeentch
– 2x Butcher Cannon

Chaos Terminators
– Mark of Tzeentch
– Veterans of the Long War
– 4x Combi-melta & 4x Chainfist (4 Terminators)
– Combi-flamer & Power Axe (1 Terminator)
– Reaper Autocannon & Chainfist (1 Terminator)
– Combi-melta & Chainfist (Terminator Champion)

Chaos Land Raider (Dedicated Transport):
– Combi-bolter
– Dirge caster
– Dozer Blade
– Extra Armour

Thousand Sons
– Aspiring Sorcerer w/ Force Axe
– 4x Thousand Sons

Chaos Rhino (Dedicated Transport)
– Dirge Caster
– Dozer Blade

Thousand Sons
– Aspiring Sorcerer w/ Force Axe
– 4x Thousand Sons

Chaos Rhino (Dedicated Transport)
– Dirge Caster
– Dozer Blade

Fast Attack
Blight Drones
Blight Drones

Heavy Support
Kharybdis Assault Claw

Obliterators (x2)
– Mark of Tzeentch
– Veterans of the Long War

Lord of War:
Chaos Knight Paladin
– Dedication of Tzeentch
– Dirge Caster

2016-10-15 13.32.22

Ahriman’s Psychic Powers

2016-10-15 14.07.21

The two Aspiring Sorcerers got Tzeentch’s Firestorm and Breath of Chaos.



2016-10-15 14.07.42

2016-10-15 14.14.59

Opponent failed to seize the initiative so Thousand Sons had the first turn.

Turn 1

2016-10-15 15.01.50

The two Blight Drones were held in reserve. Kharybdis attempted to land right on top of the big blob of infantry in ruins. The idea was to use the flame attack from deep strike (3”+D3 from the hull) that ignores cover, however it deviated and landed smack in the middle of the Imperial Guard vehicles. Damage from the Deep Strike in Movement phase and Shooting from the Kharybdis as well as the Chaos Knight (that moved up closer) destroyed the Leman Russ and one of the Chimeras.

Land Raider with Ahriman, Cypher and their Terminator retinue moved up the field, after which everyone disembarked from the vehicle and attempted to get into ruins. Contemptor held one of the tactical objectives. Chaos Knight was within 3” of another one in the center of the board. Two units of Thousand Sons embarked in their Rhinos, moved up towards the Imperial Guard scout walker hiding below the ruins.

2016-10-15 15.02.05

At the end of Turn 1 I was able to score one Victory Point for First Kill, and another 3 for Supremacy and Overwhelming Firepower.

2016-10-15 15.02.21

Opponent spent most of his turn repositioning and focusing almost all his firepower at the hovering Kharybids Assault Claw. However, due to some bad dice rolling the drop pod stayed on the board with only a few Hull Points lost.

At the end of first turn result was 4:0.

Turn 2

2016-10-15 16.13.57

During this turn Ahriman’s unit got another Tactical Objective, Chaos Knight got up close and personal with the Imperial Guard Command Chimera which miraculously managed to survive with one Hull Point remaining. Forgot to move the Assault Claw so it pretty much stayed in Hover mode in the center of the enemy Deployment zone. I’ve continued working on the Guard vehicles – managed to get rid of another Chimera and the Basilisk. One of the Blight Drones came in from reserves and between it’s blast weapon and focused fire from other units, I was able to significantly reduce the numbers of the huge blob of Imperial Guard infantry concentrated in the ruins just on the edge of my opponent’s Deployment zone.

2016-10-15 16.24.17-1

Opponent brought in some reserves and continued focusing pretty much all of its shooting into the Kharybdis.

2016-10-15 16.23.56

Turn two ended with Thousand Sons in the lead 8:0.

Turn 3

2016-10-15 17.29.57

During this turn it was looking grim for the Imperial Guard. Chaos Knight was wreaking havoc in the back lines.

2016-10-15 17.30.31

Blight Drone cleaned out the ruins and was pursuing remaining Guardsmen that just could not find a way to deal with it.

2016-10-15 17.30.40

Obliterators and Thousand Sons managed to eliminate an entire unit that Deep Struck from the flyer and blew up the walker that was attempting to arrest their progress on that side of the board.

2016-10-15 17.29.51

This is when the opponent decided to concede the game.

Final result 9:0.

Result: Thousand Sons Victory