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Thousand Sons [Milan] vs Eldar [Faust]

1850 pts

Army List:


Ferrum Infernus Dreadnought
– Missile Launcher
– Power Scourge

Chaos Terminators
– Mark of Tzeentch
– 4x Combi-melta & 4x Lightning Claw (4 Terminators)
– Reaper Autocannon & Lightning Claw (1 Terminator)
– Combi-melta & Chainfist (Terminator Champion)

Chaos Land Raider (Dedicated Transport):
– Combi-bolter
– Dirge caster
– Dozer Blade
– Extra Armour

Chaos Cultists
Chaos Cultists

Heavy Support
Kharybdis Assault Claw

Lord of War:
Chaos Typhon Heavy Siege Tank
– Dirge Casters
– Havoc Launcher
– Lascannons
– Multi-melta

2016-10-28 18.30.32

Ahriman’s Psychic Powers

2016-10-28 18.37.20

Opponent’s Army
2016-10-28 18.43.36


2016-10-28 19.01.17

Ahriman, Cypher and the terminators were in their Land Raider dedicated troop transport outflanking. Dreadnought was embarked in the Kharybdis and was held in reserve.

2016-10-28 19.01.25

Thousand Sons were able to seize the initiative and went first.

2016-10-28 19.03.50

Turn 1

Thousand Sons drew Big Game Hunter, Secure Objective 6 and Secure Objective 3 on Turn 1.

2016-10-28 19.05.09

Assault Claw as per usual arrived via Deep Strike and landed smack in the middle of the opponent’s deployment zone, behind enemy lines.

2016-10-28 19.26.21

Both units of Cultists moved up and took the two TO that were just outside the Deploument Zone.

2016-10-28 19.26.08

During the shooting phase Typhon’s Strength 10, AP1, Ignores Cover 7” Blast Primary Weapon, deleted the opponent’s Warlord and the rest of it’s unit. This gave the Thousand Sons First Blood and Warlord Kill at the end of Turn 1.

Eldar focused pretty much all of it’s shooting on the Typhon but were unable to do damage to it. Casualties during opponent’s turn were a few cultists holding the objective 2.

2016-10-28 19.35.43

Turn 2

Ahriman’s Land Raider arrived from reserve right on top of objective 6. Dreadnought disembarked from the drop pod within 3” of Tactical Objective 3.

2016-10-28 19.53.03

Kharybdis changed it’s flight mode to Zooming and moved directly behind the Eldar Wraithknight to harass it.

Thousnad Sons were able to get another Victory Point for holding TO 3 for a score of 3:0.

During Eldar turn 2 a unit equipped with D Flamers arrived from reserve via Deep Strike without needing to deviate (eldar trickery). This positioned them perfectly to take out Ahiman and the Occult Scarab terminator retinue.

2016-10-28 19.55.49

In addition, the Eldar Flyer equipped with D weapons came in from reserve and went to work on the Ferrum Infenus Dreadnought that was equipped with Skyfire missiles.

This resulted in the Land Raider blowing up along with three terminators. The Dreadnought did not make it either.

2016-10-28 20.29.56

At the end of Turn 2 the result was 3:4.

2016-10-28 20.39.19

Turn 3

2016-10-28 21.05.06

Ahriman and Cypher moved into the ruins after loosing all of their terminators from enemy fire. Cypher’s Shrouded got them a 2+ cover save and made it difficult for Eldar flamers to charge them in terrain. Cypher’s overwatch at full ballistic skill (BS10) with both his bolt and plasma pistols acted as a persuasive deterrent.

2016-10-28 21.20.11

Cultists assaulted the one remaining Eldar jetbike, removed it as a casualty and consolidated back on top the objective marker.

2016-10-28 21.20.21

Turn 3 ended with Thunsand Sons tied at 4:4.

2016-10-28 21.20.13

Turn 4

Kharybdis gave chase to the Eldar Zomming flyer and shot all of it’s ten twin-linked Strength 6 missiles at it’s rear armour, taking away two of its three hull points and making the flyer fly off the board.

2016-10-28 21.40.51

Typhon was trading fire with the Eldar Wraithknight for the past few turns of shooting.

Sons were able to secure some additional Victory Points by fullfulling these tactical objectives.

2016-10-28 21.40.07

Final result 8:4.

2016-10-28 21.53.05

Result: Thousand Sons Victory