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Thousand Sons [Milan] vs Space Wolves [Jeff C] & Imperial Fists [Kevin P]

2000 pts

Army List:


Chaos Contemptor Dreadnought
– Heavy Conversion Beamer
– Butcher Cannon
– Dedication of Tzeentch

Chaos Terminators
– Mark of Tzeentch
– 4x Combi-melta & 4x Lightning Claw (4 Terminators)
– Reaper Autocannon & Lightning Claw (1 Terminator)
– Combi-melta & Chainfist (Terminator Champion)

Chaos Land Raider (Dedicated Transport):
– Combi-bolter
– Dirge caster
– Dozer Blade
– Extra Armour

Chaos Cultists
Chaos Cultists

Heavy Support
Kharybdis Assault Claw

Lord of War:
Chaos Typhon Heavy Siege Tank
– Dirge Casters
– Havoc Launcher
– Lascannons
– Multi-melta

2016-11-13 12.20.06

Opponent’s Army – Imperial Fists (1000 pts)

2016-11-13 12.37.09

Opponent’s Army – Space Wolves (1000 pts)

2016-11-13 12.37.36


2016-11-13 12.59.30

Ahriman, Cypher and the Terminators were in the Land Raider obscured by ruins in bottom left of their deployment zone, right next to the Contemptor Dreadnought in ruins. Typhon was in the bottom right corner so that it could have line of sight diagonally across the board for some S10 AP1 template goodnes. Ahriman rolled a 6 for his Warlord Trait (Master of Deception). Two units of cultists infiltrated as a result. They started the game in cover right next to the two Tactical Objectives in the middle of the board.

Sons failed to seize the initiative and the opponents went first.

Turn 1

Wolves moved towards the Thousand Sons taking the shortest route possible. An Imperial Fists razorback was sneaking in on the left hand side as well. A lot of lascannon and missle launcher fire raining on the Sons units. Opponent used a Formation that allowed infantry to disembark, shoot and embark back into their Dedicated Tranports, which made it interesting.

2016-11-13 13.07.132016-11-13 13.07.24

As per usual, Thousand Sons dropped the Kharybdis right on top of the enemy. The Assault Claw went for the Space Wolves this time, focusng on the Wulfen and the Calvary as they can do some serious Melee damage and were getting real close real quick.

2016-11-13 14.01.54

Land Raider moved up a bit and disembarked the Terminators and Ahriman, while the Heavy Convesion Beamer on the Contemptor and Typhon’s 7” Ignores Cover Insteant Death Dreadhammer cannon were trying to wittle down infantry models in the top left and top right of the board.

Turn 2

2016-11-13 14.06.56

Ahriman was the only Psyker on the board and his rolling during the Psychic phase was terrible. The only thing he was able to successfullt manifest was Iron Arm.

2016-11-13 14.07.12

Kharybdis was in hover mode after coming in via Deep Strike so the opponents attempted to do some damage to it by assaulting it.

2016-11-13 14.07.32

2016-11-13 14.14.40

On the left side the Wolves were coming, and the Fists were positioned perfectly to fire on the Terminators and HQs.

2016-11-13 14.15.05

Imperial Fists also shot the heck out of the cultists holding objective marker 3 in the center of the board.

2016-11-13 14.21.51

In addition, Imperial Fists used their one use ability to call in Orbital Bombardment which resulted in the Land Raider blowing up. Terrible rolling when making armour saves for terminators resultad in their Champion and three additional models being removed as casualties.

2016-11-13 15.14.15

Thousand Sons were able to achieve two of their Tactical Objectives (Ascendancy and Hold the Line).

Result at the end of turn 2 was 4:2.

Turn 3

2016-11-13 14.22.06

Wolves went for Ahriman’s unit.

2016-11-13 14.50.37

After close combat was resolved Ahriman and Cypher were the only ones left standing and used the Dark Angel’s Hit & Run special rules to disengage.

2016-11-13 15.14.22

They ended up in cover benefiting from Cypher’s Shrouded special rule. Both the Contemtor and Typhon kept raining death on units they could see, while Kharybdis was burning models it flew over left and right.

2016-11-13 16.13.21

Thousand Sons were able to get some more objectives and Victory points and were in the lead at the end of turn 3.

Result 7:2.

Turn 4

2016-11-13 16.13.50

Imperial Fists bikers were coming down for the HQs.

2016-11-13 16.17.26

Remainder of the Fists in the center of the opponent’s deployment zone was continuing to have a hard time with the Kharybdis.

2016-11-13 16.17.39

Dreadnought moved a bit to get a better line of sight for it’s next round of shooting and to secure objective next to it, while Ahriman and Cypher just tried to remain alive. Both of them made a bunch of saves but took some wounds.

2016-11-13 16.17.47

At the end of turn 4 result was unchanged – 7:2.

2016-11-13 16.17.50

Turn 5

2016-11-13 16.24.19

2016-11-13 16.24.26

2016-11-13 16.28.52

2016-11-13 16.46.43

2016-11-13 16.46.53

2016-11-13 16.48.51

2016-11-13 17.17.10

2016-11-13 17.17.33

Final result 11:4.

Result: Victory Thousand Sons