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Thousand Sons [Milan] vs Ultramarines [Julio D]

2000 pts

Army List:


Contemptor Dreadnought
– Heavy Conversion Beamer
– Butcher Cannon
– Dedication of Tzeentch

Chaos Terminators
– Mark of Tzeentch
– 4x Combi-melta & 4x Lightning Claw (4 Terminators)
– Reaper Autocannon & Lightning Claw (1 Terminator)
– Combi-melta & Chainfist (Terminator Champion)

Chaos Land Raider (Dedicated Transport):
– Combi-bolter
– Dirge caster
– Dozer Blade
– Extra Armour

Chaos Cultists
Chaos Cultists

Heavy Support
Kharybdis Assault Claw

Lord of War:
Chaos Typhon Heavy Siege Tank
– Dirge Casters
– Havoc Launcher
– Lascannons
– Multi-melta

2016-11-18 20.38.32

Ahriman’s Phychic Powers

2016-11-18 20.51.20


2016-11-18 21.08.57

Ahriman, Cypher and the Terminators were riding in a Land Raider on the left hand side of the board. Typhon Heavy Siege tank was grabing some cover from the ruins in the bottom right, while maintaining line of sight to the opponent’s deployment zone. Contemptor Dreadnought kept it’s targeting arrays on the right hadn side of the battle field with it’s S10 template weapon. Two units of cultists infiltrated in ruins to benefit from some cover.

Ultramarines failed to seize the initiative, so the Thousand Sons had the fist turn.

Turn 1

2016-11-18 21.19.19

Land Raider move up a bit and disembarked its passangers into the ruins.

2016-11-18 21.19.29

Lascannons from the Land Raider were unsuccessfull in taking of Hull Points from the Ultramarines tank it could see. Typhon could only see the Land Raider across the board diagonally, and it’s blast was unable to do anything of significance. Contemptor was able to do some damage on the right hand side, and took out a the Ultramarines Dreadnought and a few other models behind the ruins in top right, giving the Thousand Sons First Blood and their first Victory Point.

2016-11-18 21.19.59

Kharybdis decided not to play it safe, and landed right on top of the tank upon which the Ultramarines Warlord was embarked. The opponent did not take significant damage though.

2016-11-18 22.10.04

Turn 2

It got charged by the Imperial Knight on the subsequent Ultramarines turn and sliced out of existance by the Knight’s D Strength Chainsword.

2016-11-18 22.30.43

Ahriman’s unit moved up a bit hoping to Doombolt the Knight and/or the Land Raider or Psychic Shriek the two units of Ultramarines fast approaching. Simultaneously enemy’s Thunderfire cannon was going crazy dropping templates on this unit.

Turn 3

2016-11-18 22.46.00

The two forces continued just duking it out during this turn, Thousand Sons weapons mostly ineffective agaist the Ultramarines vehicles due to some terrible dice rolling during both the Psyichic and Shooting phases.

Turn 4

2016-11-18 22.46.21

This turn Sons lost their Land Raider and some cultists but the score remainded unchanged. End of turn 4, they were in the lead 1:0.

2016-11-18 23.07.54

Turn 5

2016-11-18 23.08.02

Enemy general ran it’s Knight into the Lord of War that could not do very much to it all game and managed to roll a 6 on the Destroyer Weapons chart, taking off all of it’s Hull Points.

2016-11-18 23.08.07

Dice roll decided that the game will not go to Turn 6, so the game ended in a tie.

Final Result: Draw 1-1