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Thousand Sons [Milan] vs White Scars and Baronial Court [Tiny]

Location: Da Bunka, Queens, New York

Game Size: 1850 pts

2017-02-25 13.25.40

Thousand Sons Army List:

Formation: Rehati War Sect

Magnus the Red

Exalted Sorcerer
– Disc of Tzeentch
– Mastery Level 3

Exalted Sorcerer
– Disc of Tzeentch
– Mastery Level 3Exalted Sorcerer
– Disc of Tzeentch
– Mastery Level 3

Combined Arms Detachment


Ahzek Ahriman


Chaos Cultists
– Mark of Tzeentch

Chaos Cultists
– Mark of Tzeentch

Fast Attack:

Chaos Bikers

2017-02-25 13.27.10

White Scars and Baronial Court

2017-02-25 13.27.27


2017-02-25 14.03.52

Turn 1 – White Scars and Baronial Court

White Scars seize the initiative and take the first turn, catching Ahriman (Thousand Sons Warlord) and his Exalted Sorcerers retinue out in the open.

2017-02-25 14.04.11

Scars completely ignored Magnus even though he presented the biggest threat on the battlefield, and instead moved up targetting the Cultists that were sitting on the bottom two Tactical Objectives.

2017-02-25 14.04.57

White Scars drew the following Tactical Objective cards on their first turn:

– Domination
– Secure Objective 1
– Ascendancy

2017-02-25 14.07.04

During their first turn, White Scars were able to get four (4) Victory Points.

2017-02-25 14.39.54

Turn 1 – Thousand Sons

Magnus in swooping mode, flew across the baord and landed just behind the three Imperial Knights hoping to bypass their 3++ Ion Shield save. Ahriman and the Sorcerers got shot up in the previous turn, and moved down gunning for cover and line of sight, so they can regroup. Bikers moved up the field, to hold the lone Tactical Objective in frount of the ruins and perhaps get some shots of into the coming Knights with their Melta Guns.

2017-02-25 14.40.02

They dreq the following Tactical Objective cards:

– Secure Objective 4
– Secure Objective 2
– Secure Objective 6

2017-02-25 15.02.21

Turn 1 ended with White Scars in the lead with four (4) Victory Points to Thousad Sons three (3) Victory Points.

2017-02-25 15.02.23

Turn 2 – White Scars

2017-02-25 15.02.41

Scars drew the following tactical objectives:

– Secure Objective 3
– Hold the Line
– Secure Objective 2

2017-02-25 15.09.28

White Scars moved down engaging the Chaos Bikers, all the while Whirlwinds and their barrage weapons rained death from the protection of the ruined building at the top center of the battlefield. Imperial Knights were not that concerned with the Herald of Tzeentch on Burning Chariot that Magnus conjured in the previous turn. Instead they were using their battle cannons to pepper the field with heavy strength blasts.

2017-02-25 15.09.37

Turn 2 – Thousand Sons

Sons took some casualties but managed to get some Tactical Objectives.

2017-02-25 15.31.45

Magnus turned and went for the hiding Whirlwinds. His Gaze of Magnus Strength D AP 1 beam opened those cans right up. Ahriman and the Sorcerers with 4+ Feel No Pain (Endurance) and Diabolic Strength charged into the White Scars Land Speeders and wrecked most of them.

2017-02-25 15.52.03

At the end of the turn progeny of Magnus was able to get a few Victory Points for completing Tactical Objectives.

2017-02-25 15.51.42

Turn ended with the Thousand Sons in the lead 5:4.

2017-02-25 15.51.38

Turn 3 – White Scars

Two units of White Scars Bikers came down the left and right flank looking to finish off the Cultists and grab some TOs. Baronial Court moved down with Ahriman in their sights.

2017-02-25 16.05.22

Turn 3 – Thousand Sons

After looking all his Exalted Sorcerer bodyguards Ahzek moved up the battle field. Magnus decided to come down from the skies in order to grab a Tactical Objective located in the top center ruins and draw attention of the Imperial Knights.

2017-02-25 16.18.47

Turn 3 ended with the few remaining Thousand Sons extending their lead to 10:4.

2017-02-25 16.18.39

Turn 4 – White Scars

You asked for it Magnus. Two of the three Imperial Knights were able to fit their huge bases through the narrow alleyway in between two ruined building and get into base contact with Magnus.

2017-02-25 16.28.13-1

Ahriman was sent back to the Great Ocean, but not before summoning some Pink Horrors as his parting gift to the mortal realm.

2017-02-25 16.40.02

At the end of the turn Team Magnus is in the lead 10:5.

Turn 5

Magnus blew up the oponents Warlord Imperial Knight, and took three more hull points away from the second Knight. Not enought though. The Crimson King joined his once favoured son Ahzek Ahriman, in the warp.

2017-02-25 17.16.53

Imperium fought hard this day. All that remains of the Chaos incursion is a conjured Chariot of Tzeentch and a few Cultists.

2017-02-25 17.16.59

Turn 5 end with Thousand Sons in a 14:8 lead with one model left on the board.

2017-02-25 17.16.50

Turn 6

Surrounded, battered and down to it’s last Hull Point, Tzeench takes it’s Herald back and grants the Victory to Jathagai’s legion.

2017-02-25 17.29.40

Final Result: Thousand Sons 14, White Scars 8. Thousand Sons tabled. White Scars Victory.