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Space Wolves [Jeff C] vs Thousand Sons [Milan]

Location: The Brooklyn Strategist, Brooklyn, New York

Game Size: 2000 pts

2017-04-07 19.20.06-1

Thousand Sons Army List

Formation: Rehati War Sect

Exalted Sorcerer
– Disc of Tzeentch
– Mastery Level 3
– Spell Familiar

Exalted Sorcerer
– Disc of Tzeentch
– Mastery Level 3
– Spell Familiar

Exalted Sorcerer
– Disc of Tzeentch
– Mastery Level 3
– Spell Familiar

Magnus the Red

Combined Arms Detachment


– Disc of Tzeentch




Heavy Support

Kharybdis Assault Claw

2017-04-07 16.21.30


Psychic Powers – Ahriman

Discipline of Tzeentch: Treason of Tzeentch
Discipline of Tzeentch: Primaris: Tzeentch’s Firestorm
Biomancy: Enfeeble
Biomancy: Life Leach
Biomancy: Smite

2017-04-07 16.32.58

Psychic Powers – Exalted Sorcerer 00

Discipline of Tzeentch: Doombolt
Discipline of Tzeentch: Primaris: Tzeentch’s Firestorm
Biomancy: Enfeeble
Biomancy: Life Leach

2017-04-07 16.33.19

Psychic Powers – Exalted Sorcerer 01

Discipline of Tzeentch: Boon of Mutation
Discipline of Tzeentch: Primaris: Tzeentch’s Firestorm
Biomancy: Iron Arm
Heretech: Dark Invigoration

2017-04-07 16.33.32

Psychic Powers – Exalted Sorcerer 02

Discipline of Tzeentch: Siphone Magic
Discipline of Tzeencth: Primaris: Tzeentch’s Firestorm
Sinistrum: Warp Fate
Sinistrum: Death Hex

2017-04-07 16.33.44

Psychic Powers – Magnus the Red

Discipline of Change: Primaris: Flickering Fire of Tzeentch
Discipline of Change: Tzeentch’s Firestorm
Discipline of Change: Bolt of Change
Discipline of Change: Tzeentch’s Warpflame
Discipline of Change: Boon of Flame
Discipline of Change: Prismatic Gaze

2017-04-07 16.34.05

Space Wolves Army List

2017-04-07 16.53.00

Space Wolves Reserves

2017-04-07 17.08.10

Thousad Sons Reserves

2017-04-07 17.08.14

Tactical Objectives

2017-04-07 16.53.09


2017-04-07 17.06.45

Thousand Sons rolled to Seize the Initiative and were successful.

2017-04-07 17.07.05

Turn 1 – Thousand Sons

Magnus and his crew drew the following Tactical Objective Cards:

– Hold the Line
– Secure Objective 2
– Secure Onjective 2

2017-04-07 17.07.31

Thousand Sons deployed concervatively as they were supposed to go second. One unit of Tzaangors was in the bottom center of the battlefield, within reach of the Objective marker in the ruined building in the bottom left. The other unit of Tzaangors deployed in the other ruined building in the bottom right corner of the field where the other Objective marker was. Primarch, Ahriman and the Exalted Sorcerers were at the top center of their deplotment zone grabbing some cover.

2017-04-07 17.08.18

During the Movement phase Prosperians brought an empty Kharybdis Drop Pod right on top of the Space Wolves force deployed in the top left of the board. The Claw did not scatter.

2017-04-07 17.14.30

It’s post-Deep Strinke flaming attack didn’t do much damage, however it was able to wreck the Razorback in the corner after it fired off all of it’s Twin Linked Missle launchers. This gave the Sons once Victory point for First Blood.

Magnus flew across the board directlly towards the enemy and manifested Boon of Flame which conjured up a Burning Chariot of Tzeentch.

2017-04-07 17.32.05

Exalted sorcerers were getting ready for close combat and buffed themselves by casting Warp Fate and Force as well as Iron Arm on the hovering Sorcerer.

2017-04-07 17.32.10

Unit of Space Wolves that was riding around in the Razorback had to emergency disembark right behind the Wulfen, after their transport was blown up.

2017-04-07 17.33.33

At the end of this turn team Magnus was in the lead 4:0.

2017-04-07 17.39.07

Turn 1 – Space Wolves

Vlyka Fenryka drew the following Tactical Objectives this turn:

– Kingslayer
– Secure Objectie 2
– Secure Objective 6

2017-04-07 17.39.47

This is what the battlefield looked like from one of the reconnaissance aircraft flying at a safe altitude.

2017-04-07 17.40.15

Wolves landed one of their drop pods in teh bottom left of the board.

2017-04-07 17.41.35

It deviated a bit and disgorged all the models it was carrying in a perfect position to light up the unit of Tzaangors with mass reactive bolter shells.

2017-04-07 17.43.36

The Drop pod itself used its built-in weaponds to fire at the other unit of Tzaangors hiding out in the Ruins in the bottom right of the board.

2017-04-07 17.43.55

All Ferrisian units moved up towards the Kharybdis, except for one unit of Wulfen that moved closer to the Burning Chartion of Tzeentch in order to engage it in close combat.

2017-04-07 17.47.02

Kharybdis assault claw somehow managed to survive all the incoming enemy fire, losing a couple of Hull Points. However, charging Wulfen finished it off in close combat. It went down, but deviated in such a way so not to cause any damage to friend or foe. Wulfen charged the summoned Chariot and sent it back into the Warp.

2017-04-07 18.13.36

So ended the first turn of the Space Wolves.

2017-04-07 18.14.11

At the end of the turn result was Thousand Sons 4 – Space Wolves 1.

2017-04-07 18.15.06

Turn 2 – Thousand Sons

2017-04-07 18.25.56

Magnus continued flying diagonally across the battle field stopping in the very top left corner of the board, positioning himself in a perfect place to cast of Gaze of Magnus in an attempt destroy the Rhino and Land Raider close by.

2017-04-07 18.41.41

He did manage to blow up the Rhino as well as the Land Raider. The explosion caused one casualty in the Terminator squad.

2017-04-07 18.41.27

Ahriman moved up the center right of the board. Another Chariot was conjured this turn and suffered a Deep Strike misshap. It was placed in the center right of the board by the oponent where it can cause no harm to the Wolves. Unit of Exalted Sorcerers moved up to the top right of the board to get some cover behind the Ruined fortification. At the end of their player Turn 2, Thousand Sons were in the lead 5:1.

2017-04-07 18.47.05

Turn 2 – Space Wolves

Tactical objectives for this turn were:

– Kingslayer
– Secure Objective 2
– Behind Enemy Lines

2017-04-07 18.47.17

Unit of Wolves at the bottom left shot up all of the Tzaangors holding Objective Marker 2. Plasma overheating casued it’s bearer to die an agonising death in the process.

2017-04-07 19.00.20

The Drop Pod fired on the Tzaangors on Objective Marker 5 but didn’t do much damage.

2017-04-07 19.00.43

Focussed fire from multiple units into the Crimson King caused some wouds to go through and grounded him.

2017-04-07 19.08.12-1

A unit of brave (but ultimately foolish) Space Wolves charged the one-eyed Daemon Primarch, who wiped them all out turning one of the poor marines into a Chaos Spawn (represented here by the Pink Horror proxy model).

2017-04-07 19.19.49

On the other side of the battlefield a Rhino carrying some Fenrisians moved right next to the hated Exalted Sorcerers at which point the unit inside disembarked, shot and was getting ready to charge.

2017-04-07 19.20.06-1

Turn 3 – Thousand Sons

Magnus took to the skies again, casting D beams with his mind, killing Wolves left and right. To add insult to injury his army was growing as he conjured up yet another Chariot to join his cause.

2017-04-07 19.52.02

Ahriman joines his fellow sorcerers, which buff themselves in the Psychic phase then charge the nearby Space Wolves unit and wipe them out.

2017-04-07 19.52.16

Turn 3 – Space Wolves

A grey drop pod full of models arrives from reserves and lands right next to one of the Burning Chariots of Tzeentch, saturating it with fire and removing it as a casualty.

2017-04-07 19.57.29

On the other side of the battlefield, remaining Wulfen charge the other Chariot and smack it back into oblivion.

2017-04-07 19.57.37

Turn 3 ends with Wolves behind – 4:9.

2017-04-07 20.12.43

Turn 4

Turn 4 ends with Magnus extending the lead 13:6.

2017-04-07 20.39.38

Turn 5

2017-04-07 20.39.46

With very few enemy models left on the board the one-eyed Primarch flyes around the field, while the Sorcerers take another unit out.

2017-04-07 20.40.11

2017-04-07 20.54.43

Final result 16:6. Thousand Sons victory.

2017-04-07 20.54.22