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Nurgle Daemons vs Thousand Sons

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Warhammer 40K Battle Report – Nurgle Daemons vs Thousand Sons

Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition Battle Report – 024
Nurgle Daemons [David B] vs Thousand Sons [Milan]
Location: Cook’s Crafts, Queens, New York
Game Size: 2000 pts

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Army List – Nurgle Daemons

Great unclean one with bile sword and flail
WLT: Plague hive Daemon prince with wings and 2 x talons and horn of nurgles rot
3 x plague bringer heralds
3x 30 Plague bearers with icons and instruments
2 x 3 base units of nurglings
1 unit of 4 plague drones
1 soul grinder
1999 points
Battalion det and supreme command det


  1. David is correct, because the psyker did not die as a result of the Perils of the Warp the power still goes off and nearby units do not take any mortal wounds. However, if the psyker does die, then all nearby units take mortal wounds in accordance with the rule. This is why smite on rubrics is nearly never worth it. With a single wound, they will surely die from perils and then suck a few other units into the warp in the near vicinity X_x

    • The question was does the power still go off (Psyker did not die as a result of Perils of the Warp).

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