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Imperial Guard/Astra Militarum models missing! Help a fellow Wargamer out!

Message from Joey K:

“Hey Guys, I never thought I’d have to make a post like this. My Imperial Guard miniatures were recently removed from my local gaming club. I really hope it was a misunderstanding, I just want them back! If you see these at your local club, in a tournament or a trade site, please let me know!
I play in the New York area. I don’t think people in the Wh40k community are the type to steal from each other, I would have happily lent them out if someone needed them.

I don’t care about the monetary value, it took ten years of my life to collect and paint these. I remember the long nights, the missed social commitments, the stiff back and shoulders. I remember the happiness I had losing myself and just painting them, forgetting whatever anxiety I might have been going through at the time.

I just want them back. I have so many memories of painting them. Hug your minis, guys.”

Here are the Photos of the models.

If you have any information about these miniatures, you can contact us at [email protected].