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Imperial Dungeon – location, on Terra

Constantin Valdor – Captain-General, First of the Ten Thousand, Adeptus Custodes

Ra Endymion – tribune, Adeptus Custodes

Amon Tauromachian

Minister Koja Zu

Jermanic Steppes – location

AL-141-0-CVI-55(0023) – tech-slave

Sakarya River – location, on Terra

Kadai – tribune, Adeptus Custodes

Jasac – tribune, Adeptus Custodes

Jenetia Krole – Commander of the Silent Sisterhood, Soulless Queen of the Imperium

Unspoken Sanction – event?

Impossible City – location, ancient wraithbone city, on Terra


Scion of Vigilant Light – Warlord Titan

Calastar – location, Eldar Necropolis on Terra

Diocletian Coros – Adeptus Custodes

Helios – Adeptus Custodes

Mendel – the Adnector Primus, Adeptus Mechanicus

Asharik Silencing – event, performed by the Ten Thousand, Adeptus Custodes

Emperor – Master of Mankind, Omnissiah, Machine-God

Kaeria – Adeptus Custodes

Magnus the Red – primarch of the Thousand Sons, XV Legion

Adnector Concillium – the Unifiers, new caste of tech-priest

Godspire – location, within Calastar

Melpomanei – aide to the Commander of the Silent Sisterhood

Veracity – weapon, Zweihander sword, Jenetia Krole’s

Sister Kaeria Casryn – Oblivion Knight, Sisters of Silence

Thoroughfare HG-245-12-12 – location

Ennara Towers – location, in Imperial Palace, on Terra

Urshan Steppes – location, on Terra

Achaemenid region – location, on Terra

Iosos – Archwright, Adeptus Mechanicus

Sarum – location, forge world

Malcador the Sigillite – Regent of Terra

Fabricator Locum Trimejia of Mars

Rogal Dorn – primarch of Imperial Fists, VII Legion

Zagreus Kane – Fabricator General

Alpha-Rho-25 – Adeptus Mechanicus Protector

Tribune Kadai Vilaccan – Adeptus Mechanicus

Tribune Endymion – Adeptus Mechanicus

Skoia – girl, witch-priestess

Dominion Zephon – Bringer of Sorrow, part of the Crusader Host on Terra, Blood Angels, IX Legion

Marcus – part of the Crusader Host on Terra, Blood Angels, IX Legion

Preceptory – location, on Terra

Halls of the Fallen – location, on Terra

Diocletian Coros – Prefect of Hykanatoi, Adeptus Custodes

Sebetakan Isolation Compound – location, on Terra

Ophiukus Colonnades – location, on Terra

Halls of Unity Memoria – location, on Terra

Darak – boy

Bleys – location, world

Kaeria Casryn – Oblivion Knight, Sisters of Silence

Zagreus Kane – Fabricator General, Adeptus Mechanicus

Fabricator Locum Trimejia – Adeptus Mechanicus

House Terryn

Legio Ignatum

Legio Titanicus

Aresian Path – route within the webway that reaches Mars

Sagittarius – Contemptor Dreadnought, Adeptus Custodes

Ra – Adeptus Custodes

Jasaric – Adeptus Custodes

Drach’nyen – daemon, The End of Empires – Daemon’s name, translated into Gothic

The Priest-King of Maulland Sen

Arkhan Land – technoarchaeologist, Adeptus Mechanicus

Librarius Omnis – location

Sapien – Arkhan’s (artificial) monkey, artificimian

Angron – Angronius of Nuceria, Lord of the Red Sands, Primarch of the World Eaters, XII Legion

Hexarchion Vault – location

Fabricator-General Kelbor-Hal – Adeptus Mechanicus

Cruciamen – device in Angron’s head

Nuceria – location

Bringers of Blessed Ruin

Ordo Reductor

Hieronyma – Magos Domina, Adeptus Mechanicus

Archimandrite Venture

Aresian Vault

Antiquitous Archives

Jaya D’Arcus – Warden of Highrock, Baroness of House Vyridion, Marcher Lady of the Eastern Barrens, First Scion of the Envolius Reach

Castle Highrock – location, Jaya’s ancestral home

Devram Sevik – courtier

Outer Palace – location, on Terra

Seberekan Tower – location, on Terra

Baron Kells of House Riathan

Battle of Mount Galheim – event

Kadai – Adeptus Custodes

Sister-Vigilator Marei Yul

Ra Endymion – Tribune, Adeptus Custodes

Bone Garden – location

Hyaric Ostianus – Adeptus Custodes

Ascraeus – Warhound Titan

Varujan – one of Squad Ostianus, Adeptus Custodes

Hieronyma – archpriestess of the Ordo Reductor

Tower of Hegemon – location, Legio Custodes’ command core

Watchroom – location

Unified Biometric Verification

Himalazia mountains – location, on Terra

Halo Stars – location, system

Magadan Orbital Construct – location

Varonika – Mistress of the Black Ships

Unspoken Sanction – event/action

Afrik Swathe – location, on Terra

Ossuary – location, region

Garden of Bones – location, only hours distant from the Impossible City and its main arterial

Nishome Alvarek – Ignatum princeps of Scion of Vigilant Light

Scion of Vigilant Light – Warlord Titan

Zhanmadao – Tharanatoi Terminator caste

Torolec – Jaya’s Sacristan Apex, machine-seer, House Vyridion

House Mortan

House Krast

Ocularis Malifica – location, warp storm

Ullanor – location, world

Lorgar Aurelian – Herald of the Emperor


Hibran Arch – location, on Terra

Processional of the Eternals – location, on Terra

Kath Mandau – location, dead city, capital of the nation Sagarmatha aka Nehpal, on Terra

Eternity Gate – location, in the Imperial Dungeon (aka Emperor’s laboratory), on Terra

Illara Latharac – Third Sword Exemplar, House Vyridion

Legio Audax

Squad Dynastes – Lords of Terra, Adeptus Custodes

Mycorian – Squad Dynastes, Adeptus Custodes

Gathas – Squad Dynastes, Adeptus Custodes

Adsecularis Thralls

Juhaza – Squad Dynastes, Adeptus Custodes

Solon – Adeptus Custodes

Enkir Morova – Princeps of the Reaver Titan Black Sky

Talla – one of the crew aboard the a Black Sky

Feyla Xan – princeps

Echo-Echo-71 – Skitarii Alpha, Adeptus Mechanicus

Empiris Cresir – Reaver Titan

Kaleb Asarnus – princeps of the Empiris Cresir

Ilmarius Novus – Warhound Titan

Omadan – location, forge world

Daughter of the Red Star – traitor Warhound Titan

Lexarak (Hexarchon) – traitor Warlord Titan

Sanctum Imperialis – location, on Terra

Ikarial – Warhound Titan, House Ignatum

Jodarion – Squad Dynastes, Adeptus Custodes

Aquillon – Prefect of the Hykanatoi, the Occuli Imperator, Adeptus Custodes

Sythran – Sqyad Dynastes, Adeptus Custodes

Constantin Valdor –

Amon – Adeptus Custodes

Aravolos – Cult Myrmidia, Adeptus Mechanicus

Aquila from the Ashes – Devram Sevik’s Knight

Baroness D’Arcus