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Pyramid of Photep – location

Morningstar – location, world

Atharva – senior Librarius, Athanaean Fellowship, Thousand Sons, XV Legion

853.M30 – time

Zharrukin – location, once city, now ruins, on Morningstar

Cardinal Tang’s purge of the Shi-Wu library – event

Niko Ashkali – Morningstar’s senior conservator

Phosis T’kar – Atharva’s lieutenant, one of the First Fellowship captains, Raptora Cult, Thousand Sons XV Legion

Calaena – location, city, planetary capital, on Morningstar

Vashti Eshkol – runs the control tower at the Calaena starport

Lux Ferem – shop, mass-conveyor

Sharei Maveth – location, basalt-black citadel, in Calaena, on Morningstar

Magnus the Red – primarch of the Thousand Sons, XV Legion

Perturabo – primarch of the Iron Warriors, IV Legion

Sons of Shaitan – Outlawed cult, on Morningstar

Konrad Vargha – Imperial Governor of Morningstar

Ahzek Ahriman – First Captain, Chief Librarian, Thousand Sons, XV Legion

Boulevard of Firmaments – location, in Calaena, on Morningstar

Kydomor Forrix – Iron Warriors, IV Legion

Harvest Dawn – ship, agri-hauler

Magos Tessza Rom – Mechanicum adept

Iron Blood – ship, Iron Warriors, IV Legion

Korinna Moreno – senior orbital controller

The Gallant – ship, promethium rig

Vos Shermentov – ship, promethium rig

Dammekos – Olympian who adopted Perturabo

Blinded Citadel – location, on Olympia

Olympia – location, world, Iron Warriors homeworld

Damjan Torun – Morningstar’s first Light King

Hathor Maat – Pavoni cult, Thousand Sons, XV Legion

Felix Tephra – human, mortal, spokesman for the horticultural collective

Mount Kailash – location, mountain, on Morningstar

Magos Tancorix – Adeptus Mechanicus

Obax Zakayo – Iron Warriors, IV Legion

Imperator Somnium – ship

Harkor – senior Warsmith, Iron Warriors, IV Legion

Barban Falk – senior Warsmith, Iron Warriors, IV Legion

Antikythera – item, used for navigating the Great Ocean/Warp, built by Perturabo for Magnus

Attar – location, city, on Morningstar

Major Anton Orlov – Konrad Vargha’s Gubernatorial Guard

Laveyan Grottos – location, on Morningstar

Ba-Shu – location, ruins, on Terra

Book of Leviathan – item, book

Emperor – Master of Mankind

Astartes tower – location, on Terra

Shai-Tan – ship, colony ship

M’eltan – Athanaean Fellowship, Thousand Sons, XV Legion