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Local Game Store: Klub ljubitelja epske i naučne fantastike “Zmaj”/The Dragon Club.

Address: Budimska 10a, Belgrade, Serbia, Europe

Hours of operation:

Monday Closed
Tuesday 3PM – 10 PM
Wednesday 3PM – 10 PM
Thursday 3PM – 10 PM
Friday 3PM – 10 PM
Saturday 2PM – 10 PM
Sunday 2PM – 9PM

Games played: Warhammer 40,000, Age of Sigmar, Shadespire, Blood Bowl, Warmahordes, Guild Ball.

Size: 6 permanent tables (6×4); additional 5 tables (6×4) available on demand.

Stock: Games Workshop models, Citadel paints, Hobby Supplies, Black Library products can be ordered.

Day pass: Available for RSD300 (approximately $3.00).

Monthly membership: Available for RSD1000 (approximately $10.00) half of which can be used as store credit.