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Last year I had to stop the blog writing unfortunately as I had too many irons in the fire. Last summer a few things hit at all at once- I had bought a fixer-upper home that needed a bit of TLC/ updating, had to get knee surgery due to an injury and was tasked with helping to write an additional curriculum for the school. Although I will argue that my hobby skills have been suspiciously handy with home repair and renovation work. All in all, things were pretty busy and unfortunately my ability to spend time on the hobby pretty much vanished- but I was able to attend three big events in the North East/ run two small RTTs through the local game store (Flipside Gaming).

The hobby station that I have nearly finished building up at the house. Almost ready to rock & roll here.

The Hobby in 2019:

            I was never able to get my Custodes army all done until December & the Portal GT. At the Battle for Salvation (in October) I was able to take home the Best Conversion award (which was awesome) for my heavily converted Shield Captain on a Dawn Eagle Jet-bike. It definitely felt good to walk away from the first GT of the year with a hobby award. The second GT that I attended this year was Da Boyz GT. I was able to win the Best Table award for bringing one of my tables of terrain to the GT (this is something that definitely want to do more of next year). After Da Boyz GT I made a concentrated effort to get my Custodes wrapped up for the Portal and I was able to get it fully painted just a day before the tournament. At the Portal I was able to take home Best Painted/ Hobby which was a fantastic way to end the competitive season for me. I cannot stress how fantastic these three events are. It was my first time getting down to the Battle for Salvation and cannot say enough about how well run, and fun of an event it was. Something that I will be attending next year for sure. Da Boyz GT and The Portal GT were extremely well-run events as well and was my second time attending for each. I’m looking forward to going next year!

The Custodes army at Da Boyz GT (Army was almost done!)

            I’m very happy and proud of the work that I was able to get done with the Custodes over the course of the fall/ winter. Winning Best Painted at the end of the tournament series really helped end the year for me on a great note.

            While I was doing a pretty solid job with the hobby, gameplay wise I was floundering a bit. I had a tied record at Salvation (3-3), but a losing record at Da Boyz GT (2-4) and a sad showing at the Portal (0-5). I was trying to practice with the army and was making some adjustments between events to the lists, but the Custodes simply didn’t have the tools to deal with the newer armies/ powerful lists that I was running into. I decided to change it up and go with a new army with the start of the new year.


A New Army for 2020:

A test model for the Blood Ravens. Looking at adding greenstuff and the chains to the models for conversion work. I’m making an effort to convert/ add additional details to all of the models in the army.

            I decided to go with Space Marines- Blood Ravens for the new year (I know-super original). I was pretty disappointed with my gameplay wise with the Custodes and I’m hoping that going with a more competitive Space Marines army will help me win a few more games. With my high sportsmanship and hobby scores, I’m hoping to take a Best Overall award at some point in 2020. This painting blog is going to focus on my efforts to convert and paint up a Blood Ravens Space Marine for competition.

I’m looking forward to posting a bit more moving forward. Here is the link to the direct blog: