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Singidunum Gaming Club

Narrative Campaign

The Flight of St. Dorothea Pt. 1

Singidunum Gaming Club, in the heart of Belgrade, Serbia, hosted its first narrative campaign game!

Three players faced off (some as allies, some as bitter enemies) in a desperate battle to decide the fate of one of the most sacred of Imperial relics. The last remains of an Imperial Saint.

The forces in this battle were commanded by: Miloš, with his forces of unstoppable and innumerable Orks of the Freebooterz; Alek, with his graceful yet terrifying Space Marines of the Blood Angels chapter; and Nikola, with his stoic and unshakeable Death Korps of Krieg regiment of the Imperial Guard.

These armies were also led by three legendary Warlords:

– Warboss Kaptin Warmug Bludaxe (No Relation) of the Freebooterz
– Captain Tybahlt of the Blood Angels
– Tank Commander Leonidas Fuhs, of the Death Korps Of Krieg

This game pitched the forces of the Imperium: Death Korps of Krieg and Blood Angels united, against the Greenskin threat. Assisting them was a small, fierce and fanatical force of Sisters of Battle hailing from the Order of the Gilded Path. Oath sworn protectors of Saint Dorothea’s hallowed remains.

+++ Pict-Recording: Start +++

Our exfiltration efforts have been delayed severely with the destruction of our initial transport, its smoldering husk nothing more than an obstacle in our way now.

With the destroyed hull within sight, we were left with nothing else but to press onwards.

The relic, the holy remains of Saint Dorothea in our care, had to be protected and carried off this planet at all costs… Ordior was no longer ours.

Our next objective was once again clear. The Emperor blessed us with another chance! Another transport has broken through the Greenskin aerial blockade, with a force of Astra Militarum protecting its landing pad.

As they were already engaged with the Orks, this presented us with an opportunity to strike at them from the rear, break through their lines, and complete our objective. But this would not be a simple task, as a huge wave of the foul Greenskins was converging on our positions from all sides, ready for a “good scrap”.

With reinforcements from the venerable Blood Angels chapter covering our flanks and our rear we drove on forward with confidence. As the Greenskins came into view we struck fast and hard, our formidable Leman Russ tanks punching through a sizable chunk of the Ork forces present at the coordinates we were provided.

We lost a full unit of guardsmen, heroes one and all, as well as a unit of conscripts… gangers, hive scum and men, and I say that with utmost disdain, from the penal legions forced into service. Acceptable losses.

We also regrettably mourn for the loss of several Sisters of Battle, may they find peace at the Emperors side, but such is their charge and those that remained fought all the better for it!

Driven by our success, we pressed on and even managed to plant a homing beacon, which as I understood is to help calibrate cogitators responsible for charting the course for the space marine drop pods landing through the heavily contested space above, delivering a legendary Dreadnought to aid us!

A massive blow was delivered to the Greenskins, but Warboss Kaptin Warmug Bludaxe (No relation) had all the boyz on this planet under his command. He wasn’t done with us yet, and he had a Kunnin plan.

+++ Pict-Recording: End +++

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