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Post Chapter Approved 2019 – Necrons Analysis

Photo Feb 14, 3 05 35 PM

My thoughts after a lot of play testing with Necrons both prior to Chapter Approved 2019 and after is as follows for those interested.

Overall Necrons want a Battalion and possibly two additional specialized detachments (Outrider/Spearhead in most cases) to max CP count. Getting cheaper HQs which are most of the time a tax that only fills a support role in the army is very good for ensuring you can get a little extra muscle in there. Necron Lords and Overlords specially look very compelling to fit these requirements.

For starters i think you always want a solid anti tank weapon or several. Doomsday Arks x3 or nine (9) Heavy Destroyers seems the best suited to me to guarantee you can pack a long ranged punch. Due to the nature of Necrons most of the time you are stuck at midrange.

The outrider is where you really have the most flexibility and houses many of Necrons best units. If you want to gear towards Destroyers, Wraiths, Tomb Blades this is where you want to finalize that selection to determine the rest of your list.

An alternative to this Outrider Detachment is the triple Doom Scythe Airwing which was popularized by our very own Christopher T. However I don’t think that detachment is a must as the other options are solid options as well. What I think the Airwing detachment does very well (better), is dishing out a ton of mortal wounds. Most armies just don’t want any part of that, but I feel that’s a one turn gimmick that can fall apart if one flyer is dropped Turn 1, which is very likely against most opponents.

Alternatively, I have been putting serious serious play testing time with C’tans and for the most part found it to be very successful when properly supported. Without good support they perform worst than every other option mentioned prior. However with regards to tossing mortal wounds at your opponent they are the best option superior to the Airwing even as they are more difficult to take out in a turn or two and can hit single targets as well as blobs and castles. Yes I am advocating for C’tans post-CA they are a very respectable option for this interchangeable slot.

How many Ctans? That’s the next question i assume everyone would have. For starters always take the Deceiver if you have room for a C’tan he is the number one draft pick because he gives you flexibility while still carrying out the main roll of mortal wound spitting just as good as any other. Secondly if you are taking more C’tan take four (4) total (the Deceiver plus three others) this maximizes your powers. Tested it enough to confirm its either one or four no in-betweens if you want maximum carnage.

The Battalion should be the last thing you fill out specifically the HQ sections of all detachments should be our last concern, as all HQs are there for support in most cases and are very interchangeable so accommodate them so they play their role while allowing the rest of your actual army to do it’s job.